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2016 Call Archive

February 16, 2017: The volunteers stayed busy today with 4 calls for service. The final call of the day was for the Tanker to assist Fire Department Mount Joy with a barn fire in Mount Joy Twp. The Tanker supplied water to the scene.

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January 6-7, 2017: The past few days have brought multiple runs for the department, including two crashes in the snow, a fire alarm, and a reported house fire in East Petersburg. Engine 69-1 was the second arriving Engine and sent it’s crew up to stage.

December 26, 2016: The township fire companies extinguished a first due garage fire on Parker Drive. Fire was contained to the garage area.

November 28, 2016: The Engine Company handled a brush fire in the first due this evening.

November 26, 2016: An Engine crew is currently assisting Marietta Fire Co. with a working house fire in the borough. They are assisting with fire suppression and extensive overhaul. Thanks to Manheim Engine 26-1 for standing by in our station while our engine is out. The Engine was originally dispatched to standby at their station but within minutes called directly to the scene.

November 6, 2016: At 1130 hours the Engine was dispatched to assist West Hempfield Fire/Rescue with a woods fire in the township. The Engine stopped at the hydrant with manpower going up to the scene to help extinguish the fire.

November 5, 2016: Crews answered back-to-back calls this morning on Route 283. The first was for a vehicle fire on 283 westbound. The Engine, Tanker and Squad responded and arrived to find wires in the engine compartment of the vehicle that were on fire. As crews were getting ready to clear, the Squad advised of an accident just back from the previous incident, involving a dump truck. Debris cleanup, spill control, and patient care were performed, and Hazmat was requested to take the diesel fuel out of the damaged fuel tank of the dump truck.

October 12, 2016: At 1814 hours the station along with mutual aid were dispatched to West Main St. in the first due for a house fire. The Engine quickly went in route with the Deputy arriving to find light smoke showing. The Engine laid into the scene and deployed a line to knock the small fire at the top of the stairway, with no extension being found. Thanks to all the companies that assisted.

September 5 & 7, 2016: The past few days have brought multiple calls on Route 283, including this vehicle accident on 283 E near Rohrerstown Rd. and a vehicle accident possibly involving fire on 283 E just prior to Spooky Nook Rd.

September 29, 2016: This afternoon the Engine and Deputy Chief responded to Landisville Road for a single car accident with reports of a car into a pole with wires down.

September 11, 2016: This afternoon the Engine and Tanker responded to Route 283 just west of Rohrerstown Rd. for a working vehicle fire. Engine 69-1 arrived directly behind Engine 23-1 and both engines pulled a line to make quick work of the fire.

September 5, 2016: At 0530 hours, Station 69 was dispatched to assist East Petersburg Fire Company with a vehicle fire on Route 283 Westbound in between Rohrerstown Rd. and State Rd. The Engine and Tanker responded and were on the scene for around half an hour.

September 2, 2016: Overnight at 0116 hours, the Engine was dispatched to the intersection of Harrisburg Pike and Bowman Rd. for a vehicle accident. Upon arrival it was discovered a car went off the road, through a fence, and on to the Oak Leaf Manor property, coming to rest around 150 ft. from the road.

August 26, 2016: The Tanker was dispatched to assist Mount Joy with an outbuilding fire on Bridge Valley Road. It was reported dry chicken manure on fire inside a chicken house. Tanker 69 was the second tanker back the lane and along with Tanker 10 helped to supply Engine 75-1.

August 23, 2016: In the late morning hours Engine 69-1 along with Rescue 23 responded to a motorcycle crash on Landisville Road. Crews handled patient care and fluid control.

August 18, 2016: Late in the evening the Engine and Tanker along with Tanker 76 (West Hempfield) were dispatched to a brush fire along the railroad tracks just east of the Landiville Road overpass. A small tree was found to be on fire.

August 8, 2016: TRAINING: The Engine and Tanker traveled to the local training center to refresh their skills on propane tank fires and car fires.

July 11, 2016: This afternoon the Engine was dispatched to assist West Hempfield with a field fire on Marietta Ave. Upon arrival, the Engine connected to the hydrant and stretched the bumper line, as well as acting as a fill site for West Hempfield’s Tanker, Engine, and Special Unit.

July 8, 2016: This evening brought the Engine Company to assist Rohrerstown Fire Co. with a house fire on Banner Drive in the Veranda neighborhood. The first in apparatus found fire showing. The crew of Engine 69-1 worked for many hours to help extinguish the fire. Thanks to Engine 802 (Columbia Borough Fire Department) for covering our area while we were at this fire.

July 6, 2016: Just after 3AM the Engine was dispatched to assist West Hempfield Station 76 with a working house fire. Upon arrival, the Engine laid out from a secondary hydrant and proceeded into the scene. The engine crew worked the scene for 2 hours. Unfortunately a resident did not make it out of the house in time. Our thoughts are with the family.

June 29, 2016: At 0418 hours Tanker 69 was dispatched to assist the Mastersonville Fire Co with a 2-alarm barn fire on Hossler Rd. (Rapho Township). The Tanker was on scene for 2.5 hours transporting water to the scene.

June 9, 2016: Two crashes snarled traffic on Route 283 this morning. The first call came in at 05:16 for a tractor trailer on its side in the eastbound lanes at the Spooky Nook Rd. offramp. Later on, as the crew was standing by, a second call came in just up the road for a vehicle accident in Fire Department Mount Joy’s first due on 283 just west of Esbenshade Rd. The Squad responded from the first call and found a two vehicle accident with blocking. Rescue 23 also responded and assisted with the spill control and debris cleanup. The volunteers were back in the station by 0730 hours.

May 10, 2016: The Engine and Squad responded to State Road for a vehicle accident with one on its side. The crews performed spill control and debris cleanup.

May 8, 2016: Mother’s Day brought a vehicle accident with entrapment for the 69 House. The Engine arrived and began stabilization and extrication, along with Rescue 76.

April 25, 2016: During township training the company was dispatched for a vehicle accident involving a tractor trailer and fire on Route 283 East. Units from 69 and 23 arrived to find a tractor trailer in the woods, with a small fire in the cab of the truck.

April 19, 2016: Engine 69-1 along with the Rescue out of West Hempfield responded to Church St. and Main St. for a vehicle accident with confinement. The Engine arrived and began stabilizing the vehicle. The drivers side door was then removed to gain access to the occupant.

April 11, 2016: The Tanker responded to Back Run Road to assist with water supply at a working house fire.

March 25, 2016: Just before 03:00 hours Station 69 and surrounding companies were dispatched to the Sunset Mobile Home Park in West Hempfield Township for a mobile home fire. Initial reports indicated the residents were still inside, but while in route it was learned that everyone was out of the house. Engine 69-1 arrived and started knocking the fire, and as more apparatus arrived they assisted with fire supression and overhaul. Company 69 was assisted by units from 76, 07, 23, 26, 10, and 207. Crews operated on the scene for 3 hours.

March 13: The volunteers stayed busy responding to 4 reported structure fires. First was for a working fire in Company 67 (Rohrerstown’s) first due, where the engine crew assisted with overhaul. After two more first due reported structure fires, the 4th call was for a first due chimney fire. The Engine, Truck, and Squad responded and worked to clear the chimney.

March 1, 2016: Station 69 and surrounding companies were dispatched to Prospect Road for a reported mobile home fire. The Engine arrived to confirm a working fire and started fire attack.

Photo credit to Rapid Response Photography

January 31, 2016: Engine 69-1 was dispatched this afternoon to assist Fire Department Mount Joy with a vehicle fire on Rt. 283 westbound in Rapho Township. Engine 69-1 arrived and made quick work of the fire with the bumper line. When Engine 75-2 arrived they supplied Engine 69-1 with water as well as helped extinquish what was left of the vehicle.

January 22, 2016: At 20:34, Company 69 was dispatched for a dwelling fire on Meadow Creek Drive in Landisville. Engine 69-1 arrived first in with heavy fire showing on a 2-1/2 story single family dwelling from the alpha side. Upon arrival, 69-1 immediately placed a 2-1/2″ attack line to the charlie side. The crew made an aggressive interior attack encountering heavy fire as they pushed forward. About 10 minutes into it, the fire progressed forcing the interior crew out, and the need to switch to defensive operations. Truck 69 and 66 setup to flow masterstreams to into the house until the bulk of the fire was knocked. Chief 69 and FF Shober then made entry to check the stability of the structure, and check for hotspots. Shortly after, crews picked up and returned to service. Crews worked the scene for 3 hours. The engine crew was also able to pull the family cat from the fire before being forced out. The cause of the fire is unknown at this time. Thank you to stations 23, 67, 7, 76, 66, 79, 901, and 26 for your assistance in the very cold and snowy conditions. Also thank you to engine 75-2 for standing by in our house while we operated, and for assisting us to get Engine 69-1 ready for service again.

January 7, 2016: Engine 69-1 was dispatched to assist Company 75 (Mount Joy) with a vehicle fire on Route 283 East. The crew from 75 made quick work of the fire.